Our Brick Masons can build walls, fireplaces,
arches, partitions, chimneys, patios, walkways,
 driveways and other structures. They commonly
work with concrete blocks, structural tiles,
bricks, stone, concrete and prefabricated panels.
Our Brick Mason is able to use these materials
with hand tools and is able to mix the correct
mortar to hold it all together. Just imaging a
leaning wall or a crooked fireplace no one
wants that. So it’s important that a brick mason
is able to construct straight and level structures
can read Blueprints. A plumb rules is used
during the layout of the project to make sure
there are no mistakes. In order to read blueprints
and construct the projects accurately our mason
knows geometry and both SI (International
System [of units]) and Imperial units. Accuracy
is very important in this profession so a mason who does not have these skills will not make it very far that is why we only hire the very best.

Before you call:
Research the different stone or brick options that you might want to have installed on your home to get an idea of their pros, cons, and costs. Our mason will be able to better explain how his services with certain materials is determined, but this could give you a ballpark figure of your materials cost.

Ideas to Consider:
Stone and brick don't have to be laid in horizontal patterns. Depending on the project you can detail your home with a unique design. Talk with your mason about different designs that may be best for you.

Masonry can be messy work. First, bricks and rocks will be stacked on your property. Next, those materials will slowly get moved around and scattered about as the bricklayers pick through the materials for the best choices. Concrete will get on the yard simply from how the mortar is applied. Be reasonable in your reaction to your yard being in disarray. These masons are just doing the job you want done.

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